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Health Care Cost Control

Health Policy Commission to provide comment on Attorney General and Partners HealthCare final resolution

The Health Policy Commission (HPC) met on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014 to cover a packed agenda of HPC activities including a preliminary report on the Cost and Market Impact Review (CMIR) of the proposed Partners acquisition of Hallmark Health System and a discussion around the Commission’s comments to the Attorney General and Partners final resolution currently in front of Suffolk Superior Court judge, Janet L. Sanders. The Commission posted its slides from the meeting. Keep on reading on for a summary of the agenda points and discussion. Read more »

Olivia Richard, One Care, and the Real Value of Care Coordination

The One Care program provides coordinated care to adults with disabilties who are eligible for both Medicare and Masshealth. As of May, the program covers over 13,000 people. One Care goes beyond MassHealth and Medicare to proivde expanded services and a person-centered philosophy. It demonstrates how changing how health care is paid can change how care is delivered. Read more »

The HPC wants bold and meaningful change

  The Health Policy Commission (HPC) met on Thursday, May 22 to cover a range of HPC activities including updates on the patient-centered medical home certification program, the registration of provider organization program, and the CHART Phase 2 investments. Slides from the meeting (pdf) have lots of details on the discussion. Keep reading for our detailed summary of the agenda points and discussion. Read more »

Why Should You CARe?

  All hospitals should CARe, or in other words, all hospitals, and other health care providers, should implement the Communication, Apology and Resolution (CARe) program that was the focus of a gathering yesterday at the MA Medical Society. Read more »

Here it is, your moment of health care . . .

This Vox piece dredged up a 4-year oldie but goodie: What if air travel worked like health care? It's a great companion to Martha Bebinger's sad-but-true, real life adventure from just last week, The 26 Steps I Took To (Try To) Comparison Shop For A Bone Density Test. Read more »

HPC Looks At Hospital Grants & Possible Lahey/Winchester Hospital Merger

The Health Policy Commission (HPC) board met on Wednesday, April 16 to cover a wide range of issues that included an update on patient-centered medical home standards, planning around behavioral health integration, cost and market impact reviews, and Phase 2 for the Community Hospital Acceleration, Revitalization, & Transformation (CHART) Investment Program. Slides from the meeting can be found here. Keep reading for all the details. Read more »

HPC dives into medical home standards, behavioral health integration and more

Just a few weeks since its previous meeting, the Health Policy Commission (HPC) reconvened on Wednesday, March 5 with a packed agenda including patient-centered medical home standards, the health care cost growth benchmark for 2015, and Phase 2 for the Community Hospital Acceleration, Revitalization, & Transformation (CHART) Investment Program. Slides from the meeting can be found here. Full details after the break: Read more »

When It Comes to Market Share, How Big is too Big?

The Health Policy Commission (HPC) answered this question in its full commission meeting this week on Wednesday, February 19, 2014.  As David Seltz stated in his Executive Director report, the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting was short, but very important.  According to the final report from the HPC regarding Partners Health Care System’s proposed acquisition of South Shore Hospital and Harbor Medical Associates, the answer to this question is written in the data or, more accurately, in the lack of data.  Without abstention, The HPC voted to approve the final report recommending that Partners’... Read more »

DPH Announces Historic Prevention Trust Grants

Huge news. Today the Department of Public Health announced the first grant awards to nine recipientsfrom the $60 million Massachusetts Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund. This marks a historic milestone in Massachusetts health reform, as we expand our focus on preventing disease and keeping people healthy. The awards will focus on combating tobacco use, pediatric asthma, hypertension, and falls among older adults. According to DPH, the nine partnerships will serve a total of 978,000 people, with a focus on reducing health disparities based on race, ethnicity, income, and other factors. Health... Read more »

Health Policy Commission Unveils 2013 Cost Trends Report and Awards $10M for Community Hospitals

The Health Policy Commission (HPC) met Wednesday, January 8, for its first meeting of 2014.  Following suit from the last full meeting, the 2013 Cost Trends Report was a main topic of discussion. Also on deck was a presentation about the award recipients for the Community Hospital Acceleration, Revitalization, and Transformation (CHART) program and an update on the registration of provider organizations. Materials from the meeting are here, and our full report is on the back side. Read more »


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