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Watch What They Do -- Not What They Say

Back in January, when the Maryland Legislature was considering whether to override a gubernatorial veto of the so-called "Wal-Mart bill" -- which requires that for-profit employers with 10,000+ workers have to pay at least 8% of gross payroll on health benefits -- many were predicting Wal-Mart would financially punish the state for their uppity behavior. Wal-Mart sure doesn't like the new law, but punish the state? Don't think so ... (from Kaiser Daily briefing) Read more »

Burning Question 1: Will Employers Pay $295 and Drop Coverage?

We're hearing it from many quarters. Judy Meredith asked me to address it. Under health reform, employers who cover their workers and have 11 or more full-time equivalent workers must pay a $295 per worker annual assessment to the state -- a charge estimated to accrue $45 million in FY07. Why, many ask, won't employers stop offering coverage and pay the $295. The individual mandate puts the onus on individuals, giving even more excuse for employer escape. Reasonable, good question. We don't think so. Why? Let's conceptualize three employer types who now provide coverage: Type A: employers who... Read more »


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