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Republican Health Reform Bill Would Have Big Impact on MassHealth Coverage

The Republican ACA legislation being moved through the House contains Medicaid provisions that, if passed, would fundamentally alter the program that provides health care for over 70 million vulnerable Americans.  National estimates are that millions of Medicaid recipients would lose coverage under the proposal. Read more »

Globe opines on Employer Responsibility and Drug Price Transparency

The Boston Globe ran two opinion pieces yesterday on employer responsibility in health care and the need for increased transparency in prescription drug pricing, both of which Health Care For All supports Read more »

Required Reading in Today's Globe

We urge you today to read the following articles that were recently published on the Boston Globe. Read more »

Senators Markey and Warren Defend the ACA, Cite Massachusetts Experience

Both Massachusetts U.S. Senators Warren and Markey took to the Senate floor on Monday night, as the Senate began debate on a budget resolution designed to set the stage for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Both cited in detail the success of Massachusetts' 2006 health reform law in setting the blueprint for the ACA, and how our efforts have led to the lowest uninsurance rate in the country. Senator Markey also focused on the role health coverage, particularly Medicaid coverage, plays in helping people with opioid addiction, and the support under the law for community health centers. He... Read more »

Protect Our Care - Join Our Campaign

Sign up for our campaign to stay informed and find out how you can help: www.hcfama.org/get-involved Please share this widely. Read more »

If Obamacare is Repealed, Can We Just Go Back To Romneycare?

Massachusetts pioneered health reform when we passed our “Chapter 58” law under Governor Mitt Romney in 2006. The result was a dramatic increase in insurance coverage and financial security, as well improvements in overall health, increases in preventive care, and dramatic reductions in racial and ethnic disparities in coverage.  These gains were most significant for the lowest income individuals. President Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) increased coverage further, and provided additional support to Massachusetts’ health care system. With the looming repeal of the ACA being proposed by... Read more »

The Wisdom of Experience: Jon Kingsdale on why not to repeal the ACA

Jon Kingsdale can rightfully hold the title of senior implementor of health reform in the country, As the first Executive Director of the Massachusetts Health Connector, Jon had to figure out from scratch how to set up our health care marketplace in way that would be affordable, efficient, and would rely on competition among private insurers to offer coverage. Read more »

President Trump's First Cabinet Meeting: A Fantasy Story

The day after his inauguration, President Trump convenes his first cabinet meeting at the White House. “As you all know, just an hour after yesterday’s swearing-in ceremony, I signed the bill to repeal Obamacare,” the President says with a broad smile. The cabinet explodes in applause, with hoots and hollers. “The American people will no longer be subject to that sad law, with its heavy-handed government mandates and taxes.” Read more »

Almost 370,000 Massachusetts residents would lose health coverage under ACA repeal

It would be a disaster if the ACA were repealed, almost 370,000 Massachusetts residents would lose health coverage in 2019. Read more »

Trump's Call to Repeal ACA But Not Pre-Existing Conditions Protections Won't Work: Because of Massachusetts

While deciphering exactly where the Trump administration wants to go with the Affordable Care Act is difficult, reports have suggested that the new administration will seek to repeal almost all, but not every single provision all of the Obamacare law. The parts he would keep are the most politically attractive components - allowing adult children to stay on their parents' family coverage to age 26, and the core insurance protections - excluding coverage or charging higher premiums for people with pre-existing conditions. Would it work to keep the insurance protections, but repeal the... Read more »


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