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With a week to go in open enrollment, Connector and MassHealth on track to process 450,000 eligible Bay Staters (UPDATE: It's over 460,000)

The Health Connector released their Weekly Open Enrollment dashboard report, which rolls up the week's daily dashboards and shows additional details (all the dashboards are eventually posted here, and today's full dashboard is also here). Here's the data on eligibility determinations: Read more »

Latest Storm Update from the Connector: Phones Open Tuesday; 2/1 Payment Deadline Moved To Friday

Just in from the Connector: Given the state of emergency and statewide travel ban, the Health Connector’s call center offices in Boston and Worcester will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday, January 27. However, consumers will still be able to call 1-877-MA-ENROLL from 8:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. for application and payment assistance. We will be leveraging a limited number of off-site customer service representatives to continue to assist consumers during this busy period. Read more »


With the new legislative session comes a host of new legislative ideas. HCFA worked with a diverse group of legislators in both the House and Senate to file a broad package of legislation. You can see a 2-page brief summary of each of our priority bills here. The proposed legislation include the following proposals: Read more »

Transitions and Progress - Connector Board meeting 1/15/15

Like the December meeting, when the Connector Board bid farewell to former Secretary of Administration and Finance Glen Shor, today’s Connector Board meeting was one of transitions. It was the first meeting shared by the new Secretary of Administration and Finance Kristen Lepore, as well as the last board meeting for Jean Yang in her capacity as Executive Director of the Health Connector. Jean shared parting words reflecting on her time as Executive Director and recognizing the hard work of her staff. Several board members also shared their thanks and reflections on Jean’s time at the... Read more »

Thank You, Governor Patrick

It started long before he was even Governor, when he was just one of a number of long-shot candidates. In the fall of 2005, Deval Patrick endorsed our long-shot health reform proposal, calling it “a credible, achievable means to bring immediate progress.” Over and over, he declared that health care was a public good. Our bill was merged with ideas from Governor Romney, Speaker DiMasi, and many others, but it was eventually became Chapter 58. The law passed in April 2006, just months before the November election. So implementation largely fell to Governor Patrick. Barely a week after being... Read more »

Happy New Year - Connector Information For Over 50,000 With January 1 Coverage

The Health Connector has just released a New Year's Eve update with information for the over 50,000 people who will be starting new coverage on January 1. Here's their release: Commonwealth, Health Connector Prepared to Offer Coverage to More than 50,000 with Policies Starting January 1  BOSTON – December 31, 2014 – More than 50,000 people will have new health insurance coverage starting Jan. 1 through the Massachusetts Health Connector, and the Commonwealth is prepared to ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible for consumers obtaining their new coverage. Additionally, nearly 140,... Read more »

HCFA Hits The Streets For Coverage

Dozens of HCFA office staffers joined our canvassing teams on Saturday to knock on doors in Boston to get the word out about health care coverage options. We've set a goal of meeting over 200,000 Bay Staters, and with the over 2000 doors we hit today, we're getting close to meeting our goal. We're working throughout the state, concentrating on low income and immigrant neighborhoods likely to have MassHealth or Health Connector coverage. Our message was the need for everyone to check their coverage options, and renew their coverage if it's expiring. The Globe went with us, and here's excerpts... Read more »

The Receding Shor - Connector Board Report 12/11/14

Last Thursday’s Connector Board meeting began with a bittersweet farewell to outgoing Administration & Finance Secretary Glen Shor, who has been a leader in Massachusetts health reform implementation since 2007, holding multiple roles in Administration & Finance as well as Executive Director of the Health Connector, preceding Jean Yang. Shor gave a moving goodbye speech, and recognized Jean Yang’s leadership of the Health Connector, particularly during the most recent difficult times; Yang received a standing ovation from the Board and audience alike. After the heartfelt overtures,... Read more »

Better Gruber

Health Connector Board member Jon Gruber was on the DC hot seat today, testifying for hours at an it's-all-politics extravaganza. Even the staid The Hill newspaper said that it was a "circus-like affair." Committee Chair Darrell thought it worthwhile to channel Forest Gump ("Mr. Gruber, are you stupid"). Read more »

Woohoo! Connector/MassHealth Eligibility Count Breaks 200,000!

[UPDATED UPDATE: On December 17, the Connector and MassHealth reported that 202,156 people have now become eligible for ACA coverage in Massachsuetts #thatwasfast ] [UPDATE: On December 12, the Connector and MassHealth reported that 156,163 people have now become eligible for ACA coverage in Massachusetts:]     Pop the corks! Cue the balloon drop! Today's update from the Connector and MassHealth represents a major milestone: Massachusetts health reform eligibility determinations topped 100,000 people. Read more »


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