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Second Weekly Enrollment Dashboard Shows Almost 83,000 Signing Up For Coverage

Today the Health Connector and MassHealth released their second weekly enrollment dashboard, showing enrollment and eligibility numbers for the last week of November. An excerpt is copied above.  All of the daily and weekly dashboards are posted by the Connector each weekday afternoon, here. The numbers show continued growth in people being found eligible for coverage. In the first week, almost 52,000 people were found eligible. For the second week, including Thanksgiving, another 30,800 people were found eligible. The total is now a bit below 83,000. Read more »

Connector/MassHealth Week 1 Dashboard Shows Continued Enrollment Growth

The state released its first weekly Open Enrollment dashboard today, showing enrollment activity for the Health Connector and MassHealth.  The complicated chart above shows both were enrollees are coming from, and where they are going to. Notice that the bars are not to scale. Read more »

Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association of Lowell Helping @HCFA Spread the Word About #OpenEnrollment

The Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association of Lowell is one of HCFA's foremost partners in our campaign to reach 200,000 households in Massachusetts with information about this year's health coverage open enrollment. They tweeted this out earlier today: Read more »

First Connector / MassHealth Dashboard Released - Almost 12,000 Processed in First Weekend [UPDATE - Now Almost 21,000]

The Health Connector, EOHHS and MassHealth just released their first "Daily Dashboard" (click to download),  showing the results from this past weekend's start of open enrollment. It works - the results are very positive, with almost 12,000 people being determined eligible over the weekend. HCFA's canvassing operation hit some 6,600 doors over the weekend, exceeding our goal. Here's highlights from the state's release that accompanied the dashboard, including the HCFA statement towards the end: Read more »

It Works! - Saturday Afternoon Update on Connector/MassHealth Open Enrollment

Here's the latest from the state's Health and Human Services office: Good Afternoon!   Today is an exciting day, as it marks the launch of the new MAhealthconnector.org website. This morning at 7:35 a.m., the Massachusetts Health Insurance Exchange went live. We are happy to report that consumers are moving through the system, being determined eligible for coverage, shopping, selecting, and enrolling in plans. No major issues have been reported and the website is stable.   Read more »

Connector Board Report: "We're ready for the zombie apocalypse if it struck on Saturday"

Open enrollment is just days away, and Thursday's Health Connector board meeting was all about confidence and optimism: "Today we pledge to the Commonwealth's residents who are in need of health insurance that they will be able to access it," declared health website czar Maydad Cohen. The optimism is justified, based on evidence presented to the board of extensive performance testing and analytics. Still, everyone is waiting to see how things unfold on Saturday. But the best comment came from new board member Rick Jakious. He said he had looked at last year's meeting notes, and was struck by... Read more »

T-Minus 3 Days and Counting

This just came in from the Health Connector: BOSTON – Wednesday, November 12, 2014 – Tomorrow, Maydad Cohen, the Governor’s Special Assistant for Project Delivery, and John Santelli, Chief Information Officer for Optum, the state’s Systems Integrator, will update the public on the launch of MAhealthconnector.org, the Commonwealth’s revamped health insurance Exchange website, during the Health Connector Board of Directors meeting. The system will go-live at 8 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 15, allowing people who need coverage to sign up for the health and economic benefits of the Affordable Care Act. Read more »

Thanks, Senator Moore

In January, Massachusetts Senator Richard Moore, one of the strongest and most expert health care leaders in the Legislature, will be leaving the State House.  Read more »

Insurance Coverage UP - 5.3% This Year

We've said it for years - the ACA will increase insurance coverage in Massachusetts. And despite all of the failures with the Connector/MassHealth website and enrollment technology, new data from CHIA show a remarkable increase in insurance coverage in Massachusetts this year: Read more »

Connector Board Meeting Report 10/9/14

(Note: we're a bit behind in our blogging, but as the Massachusetts health care blog of record, we want to catch up with a few items. Also see our previous item, Why the Mass Health Connector Website Will Work.) Last Thursday, Oct. 9, the Health Connector Board met to discuss: Small Business Service Bureau Contract Extension Outreach and Communications Plans for Open Enrollment HIX (Health Insurance Exchange) Project Update Materials from the meeting are available at www.mahealthconnector.org (Go to Policy Center - Leadership - Board Meetings), with the main presentations available to downoad... Read more »


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