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Let's All Talk About MassHealth-Innovations

A huge crowd packed a MassHealth open meeting on Monday, April 6 to talk about fundamental reforms of the MassHealth program. There were seats for maybe 100 people at the DPH Council room, but some 200 people showed up, resulting in lot of folks standing, with some trailing down the hall outside the door, straining to hear. Inside, EOHHS Secretary Sudders and Assistant Secretary/MassHealth Director Tsai announced the beginning of a public discussion process on the challenges facing MassHealth, looking at restructuring how systems work and how care is paid for and delivered. Read more »

Report - CHIP Critical To Kids' Health in Massachusetts (and the state budget)

Coverage for 130,000 children and pregnant women. A $166 million hole in the state budget. Those are the stakes for Massachusetts in the upcoming Congressional vote to extend federal funding for the CHIP program. Read more »

HCFA Launches I ♡ MassHealth Campaign

Join the I ♡ MassHealth Campaign! Sharing people’s stories is a compelling way to demonstrate the importance of the MassHealth program and make complex health care policies easier for people to understand and relate to. Today, we are launching the I Heart MassHealth campaign. We are collecting statements and photos that bring to life why MassHealth is a critical program for the health of millions of the Commonwealth’s residents. Here's what you can do to particpate: Read more »

Free Trainings For People Who Work With MassHealth and Connector Members

Health Care For All is offering free trainings to assisters and groups serving MassHealth and Health Connector members in Massachusetts. At the sessions, you will learn who needs to take action for their coverage, and how to help MassHealth members complete their renewal forms. There will be both webinar and in-person trainings. If the trainings below are not good for you, and you would like to host your own training, contact Kate Bicego at kbicego@hcfama.org or 617-275-2912. The webinars will be on March 6th, 10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m., and on March 13th, 1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. For information or to... Read more »

What's Wrong With This Definition?

In the Globe's Capital section today, political reporter Joshua Miller provides a helpful lexicon of state budget terms, correctly titled, "Know the lingo and you can follow the budget process." The term "MassHealth" is defined as:  Read more »

House Announces Committee Assignments

Today the Massachusetts House of Representatives approved its committee chairs and members for the new legislative session. That big boom you just heard was the starting gun for the legislative process. Among the new chairs is Boston Representative Jeffrey Sanchez, who will co-lead the Health Care Financing Committee. This committee considers all bills concerning MassHealth, the Health Connector, other program such as the Health Safety Net, and delivery system reforms. It also takes a second look at many health care-related bills first approved by other committees. It has been called the "... Read more »


With the new legislative session comes a host of new legislative ideas. HCFA worked with a diverse group of legislators in both the House and Senate to file a broad package of legislation. You can see a 2-page brief summary of each of our priority bills here. The proposed legislation include the following proposals: Read more »

Transitions and Progress - Connector Board meeting 1/15/15

Like the December meeting, when the Connector Board bid farewell to former Secretary of Administration and Finance Glen Shor, today’s Connector Board meeting was one of transitions. It was the first meeting shared by the new Secretary of Administration and Finance Kristen Lepore, as well as the last board meeting for Jean Yang in her capacity as Executive Director of the Health Connector. Jean shared parting words reflecting on her time as Executive Director and recognizing the hard work of her staff. Several board members also shared their thanks and reflections on Jean’s time at the... Read more »

The Receding Shor - Connector Board Report 12/11/14

Last Thursday’s Connector Board meeting began with a bittersweet farewell to outgoing Administration & Finance Secretary Glen Shor, who has been a leader in Massachusetts health reform implementation since 2007, holding multiple roles in Administration & Finance as well as Executive Director of the Health Connector, preceding Jean Yang. Shor gave a moving goodbye speech, and recognized Jean Yang’s leadership of the Health Connector, particularly during the most recent difficult times; Yang received a standing ovation from the Board and audience alike. After the heartfelt overtures,... Read more »

#MassHealth Matters, Part 1: The Must See Video, and Infographic

Today the Massachusetts Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation and its Mass Medicaid Policy Institute held a packed forum titled, MassHealth Matters: Priorities for the New Administration. The focus of the event was the release of a report identifying five priority issues for improving MassHealth in the coming administration, followed by a panel discussion on the issues raised. We'll have a summary of the report up later, but we wanted to first highlight this amazing video below, and an infographic that illustrates the crucial role played by MassHealth. Please watch this video (click here to watch... Read more »


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