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HCFA Out in Force at Health Reform Rally

A large number of HCFA and Community Catalyst staff and supporters were at the Labor Day Rally for Health Reform today on Boston Common. Over 4000 were at the spirited rally, and the march to Copley Square, under the beautiful skies, showed the strength of our movement to the city. Click on the picture to see more of our photos; other good shots here. Read more »

URGENT - Labor Day Rally Location Changed to Boston Common

The good news is the projected crowd is getting bigger and bigger. The bad news is that organizers have had to change the location of the Labor Day Rally for Health Reform. The Rally will be at the Gezebo on Boston Common. Still 11:00 am, Monday, September 7. Updated downloadable pdf flyer here. Details here. Look for us with the HCFA banner. Read more »

Live blogging/tweeting Senator Kerry's Town Hall

Senator Kerry held a lively, packed "town hall," meeting tonight, mostly on health reform. We live-tweeted. Follow us here: twitter.com/hcfa A Blue Mass Group blogger live-blogged, here Highlight (from BMG blogger): Question from "an artist and an old-time feminist" You say there's a moral imperative, but it's not in the constitution. This grows big government and concentrates power among an elite, when in history has this ended well? I'm 66, and I'm a big hypocrite because I'm on Medicare. You haven't warned us about the debt to future generations who are not here to speak? Read more »

“…And the dream lives on…” – Come Rally for Health Reform on Labor Day!

Health Care For All, SEIU Locals 615 and 1199, Health Care for America Now (HCAN), Organizing for America, Jobs With Justice and others invite you to join us this Labor Day (Monday, September 7th) for a Rally to support national health care reform. Meet us at 11am at Park Square (intersection of Columbus Avenue and Arlington Street) in downtown Boston where members of the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation are expected to join us. We will then march to Copley Square. Read more »

Honor Senator Kennedy with CLASS

One of the most important initiatives included in the Senate HELP Committee's health reform bill is the "CLASS Act," authored by Senator Kennedy. CLASS stands for Community Living Assistance Services and Supports, and the proposal is a long-term care insurance plan to help those with functional impairments pay for support services while allowing them to remain independent, employed and a part of their community (read a summary here). Senator Kennedy insisted that long-term care assistance be included in any national health reform bill. Read more »

HCFA Mourns Senator Kennedy

Health Care For All is deeply saddened by the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy. Today, Massachusetts and the country lost its liberal lion in the Senate, the greatest legislator in our history and champion for the most vulnerable among us. But we will go forward remembering the senator’s passion and leadership and his belief that each one of us deserves the dignities of equal rights, a meaningful education, and affordable, accessible health care. The senator dedicated his life to serving others, the state, and the country he loved. We will live into his legacy every day by carrying with us... Read more »

We're Number 1! And Number 41! Some Context on the "Highest Premiums" News

As the Globe reported in its lead story Saturday, a new report by the Commonwealth Fund found that Massachusetts has the highest health insurance premiums of any state. Read more »

The Religious - and Personal - Voice for Reform

Fourteen years ago, on August 16, 1995 a beloved friend, Carla Barrett lost her battle with AIDS. When we met she was poor, uninsured, and completely overwhelmed by the fact that she had a fatal disease. Carla and I were introduced through a church group that was born to care for the sick, the needy, the friendless, and the oppressed. When we met, Carla could have stood as the representative for any one of those groups. Our introduction was part of an orchestrated outreach effort aimed at inviting people to live out their faith, or live their faith out-loud. Carla was 16 when she was... Read more »

Health Reform Rally At Senator Kerry's Office

f it is Saturday in America, it is a new opportunity to raise awareness and encourage support for national health reform. This morning found me at One Bowdoin Place in front of the Boston offices of Senator Kerry with dozens of other reform minded folks chanting for health reform. Marcia Hams and Dara Antrum from Community Catalyst were also there, and we passed out fact sheets and flyers advocating health reform. Supporters of different national solutions were there, as were Kerry constituents who specifically wanted to improve health reform in Massachusetts. Marcia spoke eloquently of this... Read more »

National Reform Updates - Tsongas in Hudson, Obama in NH, and More

As the national health reform debate heats up, there are lots of ways for Bay Staters to show their support for expanding quality affordable health care. Read more »


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