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Better Gruber

Health Connector Board member Jon Gruber was on the DC hot seat today, testifying for hours at an it's-all-politics extravaganza. Even the staid The Hill newspaper said that it was a "circus-like affair." Committee Chair Darrell thought it worthwhile to channel Forest Gump ("Mr. Gruber, are you stupid"). Read more »

Second Weekly Enrollment Dashboard Shows Almost 83,000 Signing Up For Coverage

Today the Health Connector and MassHealth released their second weekly enrollment dashboard, showing enrollment and eligibility numbers for the last week of November. An excerpt is copied above.  All of the daily and weekly dashboards are posted by the Connector each weekday afternoon, here. The numbers show continued growth in people being found eligible for coverage. In the first week, almost 52,000 people were found eligible. For the second week, including Thanksgiving, another 30,800 people were found eligible. The total is now a bit below 83,000. Read more »

Connector/MassHealth Week 1 Dashboard Shows Continued Enrollment Growth

The state released its first weekly Open Enrollment dashboard today, showing enrollment activity for the Health Connector and MassHealth.  The complicated chart above shows both were enrollees are coming from, and where they are going to. Notice that the bars are not to scale. Read more »

Here it is, your moment of health care . . .

Colbert led Thursday night with the #grubergate story, so hopefully that means it's run its course. The clip below is his open on the topic. Click here to see his next segment, an interview with New York Times Magazine writer Emily Bazelon on the ACA challenge in the Supreme Court.   Read more »

Insurance Coverage UP - 5.3% This Year

We've said it for years - the ACA will increase insurance coverage in Massachusetts. And despite all of the failures with the Connector/MassHealth website and enrollment technology, new data from CHIA show a remarkable increase in insurance coverage in Massachusetts this year: Read more »

Today's Healthy Read: 7 Charts That Prove Obamacare Is Working (starring ... Massachusetts!)

At The New Republic, Jonathan Cohn rounds up 7 charts showing the positive impact of the Affordable Care Act.   This is a great summary of the latest findings in a number of areas. You know that coverage is increasing and uninsurance is down. But maybe you weren't aware that more people are paying less for their coverage this year compared to last year, or that employer premiums nationally went up just 3%. This piece is the perfect fact check rejoinder when someone incorrectly claims that Obamacare is increasing the deficit (it's lowering the deficit), or that insurers are abandoning the... Read more »

Chart of the Day: Census Data on Uninsurance Rates in Cities

From a new Census Bureau report on uninsurance rates in the 25 largest metropolitan areas: (UPDATE: Here's how the website Vox.com reported on the chart:)    Read more »

We're Still The One: Mass Leads Nation in Coverage

Today the Census Bureau released its annual insurance coverage data, covering 2013 The Mass Budget and Policy Center has the results: We still lead the nation in coverage. Their conclusions: Read more »

Connector Prepares for Open Enrollment

Last Thursday, the Connector Board received updates on the progress on the eligibility and enrollment system and website, approved the Connector’s Fall 2014 Open Enrollment outreach plan and voted to approve the final 2015 Seal of Approval. With 65 days until the start of open enrollment, which runs from November 15, 2014 through February 15, 2015, this is a crucial time for each of these activities. Materials from the meeting can be found on the Connector’s website, under About – Leadership – Board Meetings. The update on the enrollment and eligibility system is here, and the outreach and... Read more »

Here it is, your moment of health care . . .

  The Daily Show looks for the victims of Obamacare, and finds some. Watch here. Read more »


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