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An Rx for Public Health: Prescription Drug Affordability & Transparency

As many of us have experienced first-hand, taking a regular regimen of medication prescribed by a provider can have remarkable effects on the quality of our daily lives and our ability to build a healthy future for ourselves and those around us. Prescription drugs are critical to curing disease, managing medical conditions, controlling debilitating symptoms and helping us avoid the need for more serious and expensive care. In short, prescription drugs bring hope and improved health to individuals and families and contribute to the public health of the Commonwealth every day. Read more »

2018 Democracy School: Building Health Care Power in Immigrant Communities

On Saturday, April 14th, in what seemed to be a precursor to the Boston Marathon, members of the Immigrant Healthcare Access Coalition (IHAC) steering committee completed their own long distance event – they ran the 2018 Democracy School: Building Health Care Power in Immigrant Communities. This training was part of a coordinated, on-going effort to inform immigrants and the groups that serve them about their health care rights. The training also aimed to dispel the growing fear and mistrust within immigrant communities that is preventing many individuals and families from seeking the health... Read more »

FY19 Health Care Senate Budget Amendments Review

Just last week, the Massachusetts Senate released their budget proposal for fiscal year 2019, which begins on July 1 of this year. Senators will be debating and voting on many amendments in the short term, including a number of important health care related amendments.  HCFA is supporting a number of amendments that will improve access to affordable and quality health care coverage; there are also some proposed amendments we oppose that would move our state backwards. With debate in the Senate starting, it is critical that your Senator knows how constituents feel about these critical health... Read more »

Bookmark Me: New John McDonough Health Blog

Our old friend and Healthy Blog founder, John McDonough, today opened up his new blog at Boston.com. He's calling it Health Stew, and explains "I like stew because lots of different ingredients get thrown in, often with delicious results. I'm interested in lots of things related to health care policy and politics, and how odd things can fit together." Already there's an introductory post, and a discussion about whether Massachusetts really does have the highest health care costs in the nation. You'll want to bookmark this: www.boston.com/lifestyle/health/health_stew. Read more »

Community Connect to Research: Linking You to the World of Health Information and Research

In order to make informed health care decisions patients and consumers need access to reliable information. While many consumers turn to the internet for answers to their health questions, it can be difficult to know which websites to trust. Connect to Research is free online resource for consumers to obtain accurate, thorough and up-to-date health information from trustworthy local health experts. Massachusetts residents are fortunate to live in the hub of world-class health institutions. Patients from all over the world travel here to receive care, at the same time groundbreaking medical... Read more »

My Little Black Book for Sexual Health Guides Young Adults Through Health Insurance Maze

My Little Black Book for Sexual Health is a new user-friendly interactive online guide to help young adults navigate their health insurance options. This unique resource answers questions about finding health plans that work for them, why prescription coverage matters, and how birth control fits in. The REaDY Initiative created My Little Black Book for Sexual Health because young adults ages 18-26 are the group most likely to be uninsured -- and also face high rates of unintended pregnancy. Read more »
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