Community Health Centers Day of Action

February 5, 2018

Lost recently in the excitement of CHIP being refunded was the fact that Congress neglected to refund Community Health Centers (CHCs). This failure to fund has put nearly 3,000 health center sites at risk as they face a 70% funding cliff. These centers provide 9 million patients with health care and 50,000 employees with jobs across the country. In Massachusetts alone, more than 141,000 residents would be affected and $196 million in funding would be lost.

Congress put a February 8th deadline on itself to pass another Continuing Resolution (CR), a short term spending bill to keep the government funded. Passing another CR is the only way that Community Health Centers will continue to get funded. Now is the time to show Congress how strongly we all feel about fully funding CHCs by demanding that they be adequately supported financially. 

We are calling on all of you to join us in a National Day of Demonstration that is taking place on Tuesday, February 6th and being driven by CHC leaders. There are many different ways that you can become involved in this Day of Demonstration.

  1. Flood Congress with calls. By dialing the Congressional switchboard at (202)-224-3121, you are able to be connected to your federal legislator's office. Remind each of your legislators of the importance of CHCs and strongly encourage them to fund these health centers before the February 8th deadline.

  2. Turn up the volume on social media. Spread the word through each of your social media feeds about the crucial role CHCs play in health care. Use the hashtags #RedAlert4CHCs #FixTheCliff and #ValueCHCs to band together as one voice on these platforms. Tweet or post directly to your members of Congress to let them know that CHCs cannot wait.

  3. Wear Red! On Tuesday, February 6th, we encourage you to wear red to show support for CHCs and the families that depend on them. 

We implore each of you to discuss this problem with friends and family and for you to encourage each of them to join in acting for CHCs. Congress will only hear us if we stand strong together on such an important issue.

Remember to remain steadfast in fighting for what's right and continue working to #FixTheCliff